About Jill Rowlands Moffitt:

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Early Years:

Jill Rowlands Moffitt grew up traveling with her single parent father who ‘doodle bugged’ around the Western USA as a geophysist in oil exploration. She, her brother and sister attended numerous schools and experienced many natural wonders of the country.


Early Occupation & College

Her early occupational years involved road construction and oil refining operations. She received full tuition compensation and received honors from Lee College in Accounting. Later, she attended and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of St Thomas with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Communications. At UST, she graduated with honors in Philosophy, English and Communication.


Later Occupation

After college she pursued numerous interests from volunteering to gem collecting and turned her gem collecting interests into a gem cutting business and  has been faceting gemstones professionally since 1997. She has given numerous lectures and volunteer time as president of  the Houston Gem & Mineral Society and Regional VP of the South Central Federation of Mineralogical Society by focusing on educating and teaching faceting. She has earned the designation of Master Faceter and is currently the USA Coordinator of the Australia International Challenge and has been a past judge in the world championship faceting contest.



She is an active Master Docent at the Houston Museum of Natural Science where she teaches other Docents how to cut gemstones. She gives tours of the Gem and Mineral exhibit with an emphasis in the Lester and Sue Smith Gem Vault. She is also proficient with the Van Pelt exhibit where the gem cutting demonstrations occur. The artist, Harold Van Pelt has visited the gallery several times and was free with gem cutting tips and methodology. His wife Erika has given several lectures on his works as well.


The Faberge exhibit is of keen interest of Jill Rowlands Moffitt because of the carvings and the blending of stone with metal and the numerous applications of this blend with precise artistry. Her and her HMNS Rock Stars gem cutting demo team has performed at numerous HMNS sponsored special events to demonstrate and talk about gem cutting techniques as well as during special Educational Sessions directed at techniques used in Faberge artifacts and the history of Faberge.


All of her adult life, she honored her civic duty and has made an effort to make informed choices during the voting process. In recent years, Jill Rowlands Moffitt has become a political activist and has testified several times to various legislative committees about issues involving elections and redistricting. She passionately supports education, immigration and women’s issues. She has served as a poll watcher and rally site watcher since 2008. Currently, she serves as Fair Elections Chair for the Harris County Democratic Party and trains poll watchers. She is also Chair of the  Harris County EarlyVoting Ballot Board and has trained the current Judge of the Harris County Central Counting Station to replace her in the Central Counting Station when she was appointed for Chair of the EVBB. However, on late night local TV news for the election coverage, you may see her in the Central Counting Station, still. She is also involved with Meyerland Area Democratic Club, Senate District 13, and attends Silver Dems and other clubs when she has time.

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